The Pain Of Being Alive

by Narayana

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MT - Vocals // PP - Bass // RA - Guitar // GH - Drums


released April 14, 2016

Song structures written 19/20 July 2014 by PP. Line up completed over the course of the next 6 months with RA, GH, MT joining the band.
Drums recorded by Tom Goodall / Mirrorman Recordings at Chunk Studios, Leeds Jan 30th 2016
Guitars, bass and vocals all recorded by RA at Kingmaker Audio Feb/March 2016
Produced, mixed, mastered by RA March Feb/March 2016
Hand drawn logo by Gary Hocking
Original artwork by Josh Whiteley / Squishy Nub Thing
Layout by PP



all rights reserved


Narayana Leeds, UK

Negative Grinding Black Metal. EP #2 on its way.

30/4 - Leeds w/ Inter Arma / Celeste!
24/6 - London FREE
12/10 - Leeds
14/10 - Bolton
21/10 - Leeds

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Track Name: Barren
I) Barren
Words by MT.

Carrion stripped fingers rise from spoilt earth
Like totems before the devouring sun
Shit caked eyeballs scream towards the sky
Nothing shall grow here
All things shall die

Nothing shall grow here
All things shall die

Starved like fucking dogs
Flyblown and skinless
Wormholed gums shall drink of dust

The sky a fucking blister
The sun a scab to pick

Each fucking second
Is just the next
Unique grain of sand
In the desert of fucking grief
She has forsaken us and now we lie
Beneath the all consuming sands of time

She flayed her own flesh
She skinned her own corpse
She split her own crotch
She tore her own womb

This shattered soul
This open wound
This harrowed earth
This barren womb

Flayed Skin Split Torn
Soul Wound Earth Womb
Track Name: A Pyre For Absolution
II) A Pyre For Absolution
Words by MT.

Sword carved bone corpse enthroned
Clown of thorns blood of God
Smear your shit Baphomet
Drown in blight fuck the light

Drink deep of the piss ambrosia
Then slit your fucking throat
Disgorge the spleen cleanse internals
Vomit your spectre free

Loosen the noose that is your flesh
Remove the eyes that do not see
Wallow in bile invalid
Ecumenical misery

Scorned betrayer
Scorched skin blistered

Kneel weakling
Fail human fail

Seize your tongue speak not a sound
Ungrateful coward such gifts I accord

I built this pyre for you to burn
Performed these rites over your corpse

There shall be life in death
Track Name: Rest Upon Water
III) Rest Upon Water
Words by MT.

I have never witnessed a miracle
The very thought fills me with disgust
I'd sooner drown than walk upon water
I'd sooner burn than fucking rise

Shivering hands such thrilling fiction
To numb the pain of being alive
Golgothan faeces to feed the masses
The host washed down with piss and lies

These preachers all look like jackals to me
Bearing their teeth at the vulnerable
Waiting to prey on the easiest targets
They shepherd their flock towards the slaughter

There is a fate worse than death
A life spent crawling at the heel
Of lesser men who speak of gods
And lesser gods dreamed up by men
I owe these cunts fucking nothing
And my time shall fucking come

For everything I have ever done
I answer only to myself

Your gods all drowned in shallow waters
Your priests are all straw men
For everything I have ever done
I've yet to sink below the waves
Track Name: Stray Not From This Path
IV) Stray Not From This Path
Words by MT.

Unchanging constant spiralling ever downwards
Towards an infinite emptiness

A vortex cascade
A nightmare descent
Collapsing through portals
Becoming a God

Utter abject black void maw
Existence shall soon be false
Utter abject black void maw
Stray not from this path

Within the gaping jaws of the engulfer
All hope expires event horizon
This saw-toothed disintegrator
A black hole that feasts upon god flesh

Sinew twisted
Bones snapped
Limbs broken
Torn free

The portals hang like nooses
They shall ensnare the fucking stars
The portals hang like nooses
They shall ensnare the fucking gods
Track Name: The Swallowing Abyss
V) The Swallowing Abyss
Words by PP

The squalor in your vapid soul
It's overwhelming
I would hate to be the vile fly on the wall in your skull
Riddled with the disease you call your faith
I don't need such false emptiness
To provide me with guidance
End your life
You are a failure to yourself
The black hole awaits you
And I am more than willing to drag you in

Wear your black noise crucifix
Nobody is listening
It will never ever save you
Track Name: The Hideous Soul of the Forest
VI) The Hideous Soul of the Forest

Words by MT.

Root snared fauna gnawing through their shattered limbs
In desperation abject they crawl towards the light
Their underbellies hanging out snagged amongst the thorns
Organic matter all absorbed this throbbing mass deformed

Flesh Burst Swarm Seed
A soul pulsates within its cells

The forest sings a sirens song to tempt them
The forest feasts upon the skin of myth
At its centre beats a predator's heart
Immortal and hypnotic ceaseless drone
Its veins expand beneath death fed ground
Branches reach to claim the eyes of fauns
Their barbs sink in and scourge soft tissue
Stricken in agony they bleat despair

Tendrils coiled around putrid corpses
Bones emerge from blood red soil

The fauns all stagger like drunken whores
Through rain soaked arches flesh adorned
Bowels as garlands line their way
They advance towards their fate
The cunt of Gaia open wide
Embrace eternal void of time
No fucking light penetrates her womb
The fauns all hanged around her tomb